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Ahsan Shah, USA (English)

Sophie Paine, USA (French)

Abdul Waheed Ibrahim, Nigeria (Hausa)

Busari Shaamsuddeen Akande, Nigeria (English)

Azeez Adewale Mahmun, Nigeria (Yoruba)

Badr Al Badran, Saudi Arabia (Arabic)

Mufti Yousuf Sultan, Bangladesh (Bengali)

Fazrihan Duriat, Singapore (Malay)

Fredrik Lundström, Finland (Swedish)

"I have taken many training programs throughout my career, but this was by far the most educational, engaging, and enjoyable!"

Najeem TC
Analyst, ADCB, UAE

"Ethica’s CIFE has already opened doors for me…"

Boyd Ruff
CIFE Graduate, Esq., USA

"I have completed Ethica's CIFE™ and Advanced CIFE™ programs and they are simply outstanding. The illustrations are clear and their methodology is unbeatable. You enjoy them so much that you don't want to take a break and they truly take you from novice to a professional level within the shortest possible time. If Ethica was a classroom, there will be no truancy."

Muhammad Adamu
Relationship Manager,First Bank of Nigeria Plc, Nigeria

"With the motto of 'the way forward,' we at Bank Alfalah are strong believers of human capital development to breed the finest class of professionals in the arena of Islamic Banking and Finance. As we continue to create and promote an innovative learning culture with customer centricity in our all branded learning offerings, the collaboration with such Islamic finance and training leaders as Ethica will help us develop seasoned Islamic bankers who are trained to transform the entire industry."

Ahmed Nauman Anees
Head of Learning and Development, Bank Alfalah Limited – Islamic Banking Group, Pakistan

"Ethica's tutorials are an absolute game changer. Through excellent examples they explain how Islamic banking gets done inside an Islamic bank."

Waqas Zafar
Senior Associate, KPMG Advisory, UAE

"Least than I expected, my journey to Islamic Finance was a bit difficult because of the new terminologies and with such a broad concept. Being a CIFE gives me now a boost on my career advancement, and I would surely recommend to get into this course, my friends and colleagues be enrolled with Ethica Institute, in order to have a better understanding of the Islamic Finance, and of course be certified."

Drocilda Digao Mendoza
Customer Service Associate, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, UAE

"The course definitely has a great presentation of the of the subject, facilitated in an excellent manner. I have taken many online courses but Ethica's was different. I thoroughly enjoyed learning throughout the course. The course through its small modules and quizzes never feels tough but ends up imparting excellent knowledge and understanding of Islamic banking plus a designation. Highly recommended for aspiring and current banking and finance executives."

Shikhar Deep
Relationship Officer, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, UAE

"I chose Ethica’s CIFE certification as it has an excellent reputation in the market and now I understand why. All the different modules cover the most important types of contracts from both a theoretical as well as a practical perspective and are complemented by a lot of clear examples. Finally the self-paced training permits excellent time management. I recommend the CIFE from Ethica Institute to everybody seriously interested in learning about Islamic finance."

Daniel Rasqui
Director Product Support and IT, SIX Financial Information, Luxembourg

"Ethica's program exceeded my expectations. Ethica's CIFE excelled at offering real world examples and timely tactical instruction in a user-friendly format. I enthusiastically recommend Ethica's program to anyone who seeks to develop an appreciation for and understanding of Shariah-compliant financing."

William R. Gregory
Director, C3 International

"With over 12 years of experience as a Finance Analyst, Business Manager, Corporate Finance specialist, and Financial Modeler across the Middle East region, I have realized that debt, its structuring, and its servicing has always placed a heavy burden not only on organizations and corporations but on individual loan-takers as well. As such, I was looking for alternatives to interest-based financing from a professional point of view as well as a personal point of view. To that end, Ethica with its "CIFE" and "ACIFE" certificates proved to be invaluable in providing succinct, clear, understandable, and easily accessible information. I studied and passed the "CIFE" certificate via the on-line course and was impressed with all aspects of the on-line training as well as the back-office team at Ethica."

Akram Farra
Business Finance Manager, Lebanon

"The course is brilliant."

Faraz Adam
Mufti, United Kingdom

"I chose to pursue Ethica Institute's Certificate in Islamic Finance Executive (CIFE) program because I was interested to understand how Islamic Finance differ from conventional finance. I am a final-year MBA candidate with specialization in Finance at the University of Massachusetts (Amherst). Upon completion of my MBA, I hope to seek professional opportunities in the Islamic Finance industry where I can earn a living that aligns with my values and beliefs as a Muslim. Personally, I also plan to use the knowledge I gained from Ethica's CIFE to ensure that my own personal finance (i.e. savings, investments, property management) is conducted in Islamic-ally permissible ways. It took me roughly a month to complete the CIFE program. The content was comprehensive yet accessible. The self-assessment quizzes were helpful in preparing myself for the final exam. I thought the final exam was challenging and fair. I am very satisfied with the online program; I particularly appreciated its flexibility and the fact that I could complete it during my winter break in between semesters!"

Natasha Haqim
MBA Candidate, Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts – Amherst, USA/span>

"I have to say that completing my Ethica certificate gave me an amazing perspective of Islamic finance and the interaction online was brilliant, the videos, etc. It is highly recommended, I could go as far as to say that I enjoyed the feeling of something new as much as the first year I was in the University in London."

Pascal Hagge
Corporate & Business Development Manager, Societe Generale, Cyprus

"I recommend Ethica to all those who need to know Islamic banking. It is simple but deep, it is affordable, it is practical type of courses which a banker faces daily in his operation affairs, and I don’t know how to explain. It is awesome. I like it!"

Nejib Aliyi Ahmed
Marketing Expert, Islamic Banking Department, Cooperative Bank Of Oromia S.C., Ethiopia

"I have recently completed Ethica's CIFE program and can say that it is simply outstanding. It saves number of papers to print long articles, it is fun to use this technique rather only textbook in a traditional class and the illustrations used in the modules are easy to understand. It is too good & easy for the students having no background of banking & finance. My organization, the Bank Alfalah Limited gave me opportunity to enroll in CIFE program."

Aamer Saeed
Unit Head Internal Control, Bank Alfalah Limited – Islamic Banking Group, Pakistan

"I am currently the leader for the Islamic Banking Solution Consulting Practice at Finacle, Infosys Ltd. I am required to interact with senior management teams of various Islamic banks in the region for our implementation activities. The knowledge gained through Ethica’s CIFE certification certainly helps me to conduct client engagement with improved confidence and ease."

K Sridhara
Principal Consultant, Infosys Ltd, India

"I must admit that the course is a very nice effort and is the evidence of hard work and efforts your team put together to develop this Sui Generis course. With a structured approach, it provides the participants an opportunity to gradually progress from basics to complex structures and products. I would recommend this course to all those who really want to understand what Islamic finance is all about."

Kamran Sherwani
Islamic Banking Division, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, UAE

"Ethica CIFE program is simply the best e-learning I've ever had. Simple and straight to the point. I highly recommend it to everyone who is serious about getting a sound knowledge of Islamic finance concept and practices."

Mohammed Bouchedor
Head of Islamic Finance & Derivatives Dept., MCMA, Morocco

"I discovered Ethica's CIFE while performing an assignment in Africa and needed technical information on financing solutions and specifically on Diminishing Musharakah. The wonderfully animated slides in the high-quality modules made it very easy to understand the mechanics of DM and provided the core elements within 22 minutes. Furthermore, there was the Handbook which provided further technical details and all this was neatly wrapped up by the self-assessment quiz."

Mohammed Veqar Shamim Ashraf Khan
Chartered Accountant, Mauritius

"Ethica's CIFE™ program is very informative, insightful and well structured. It teaches a very sophisticated and complex subject in a very simple, organized and effective manner. It combines both theoretical and practical approaches and provides inside information on the real Islamic finance world. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to secure a career in Islamic finance."

Tarek Gadallah
Partner, Ibrachy Law Firm, Egypt

"I spend most of career working with finance and banking operations. CIFE help me understand the structures and requirement of various islamic banking products. I will recommend the course for anyone interested in Islamic Finance."

Ebrima B Sawaneh
Senior Associate, Finance Division, Africa Finance Corporation, Nigeria

"If you are seeking a solid, Shariah-grounded Islamic finance training program, I would unhesitatingly recommend Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance over anyone else."

Faraz Rabbani
Researcher and Expert in Islamic Law, StraightWay Ethical Advisory (www.StraightWayEthical.com)

"We upgraded to twice as many users after only 6 months with Ethica. We foresee unlimited opportunities for learning and growth with Ethica. Their e-learning solution combines the three things that we were looking for: scalability, quality, and industry Shariah standards. Ethica provided us with the flexibility to train as many or as few bankers as we wanted throughout the year."

Moinuddin Malim
CEO, Mashreq Al Islami, UAE

"In the current environment, a clear, comprehensive and trustworthy resource on Islamic finance is priceless. Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance sets a high benchmark indeed. In an era characterized by moral confusion, it is also reassuring to know that there remain entrepreneurs aiming for a higher purpose. I sincerely hope that more people discover and use this resource in the future."

Renaud H. Samyn
Vice President, Capital Research Company, Hong Kong

"I have completed two certifications at Ethica: CIFE and Advanced CIFE in Accounting. I have found the modules to be perfect for everyone, from a beginner student in Islamic Finance to practitioners in Banking, Insurance, Accounting, Investment or Fund Management, etc. The modules are designed in such a way that you understand the very complex art and science of Islamic Finance and accounting through theories, case studies and practical tools. I couldn’t say more about the courses than certifying In Ethica you would get 100% of what have been advertised/ promised in their brochures. Besides, what distinguishes Ethica from similar other initiation is that the management and support team are very flexible, caring and responsive. I am definitely going for my third Certification at Ethica!"

Mesfin Bezu Yimam
Director, Interest Free Banking Department, Dashen Bank S.C., Ethiopia

"Ethica's innovative methodology brings Islamic finance training right to your personal computer. Thank you for your commitment to educating practitioners in Islam's best kept secret and the solution to today's financial woes."

Mahmoud Qutub
Senior Advisor, Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, Qatar

"I thoroughly enjoyed studying with Ethica Institute. The course outline is well thought out and the material is easy to digest and practical. Once I started the course, I just wanted to keep going. My main motivation for studying Islamic finance is that as a product manager in Islamic banking, this certification will go a long way in giving me practical experiences needed for my day-to-day tasks as well as provide me with an excellent opportunity to enrich my career."

Caroline Kahungu
Product Manager, Islamic Banking, Equity Bank, Kenya

"Ethica's CIFE program was an amazing experience. It was my first 100% online course. I loved how learning was made convenient and flexible while still maintaining high standards in content ,as the knowledge gained from Ethica's modules has given me a totally new perspective on finance. Moving forward, it will be easy for me to understand the differences."

Deena Nabil Ahmed
Privilege Customer Relationship Officer, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, UAE

"Ethica's CIFE™ program is very user friendly, informative & well structured. It teaches a very sophisticated and complex subject in a very simple, organized and effective manner. It combines both theoretical and practical approaches and provides inside information on the real Islamic finance world. I strongly recommend this program to all who are related to Islamic banking or who wants to secure a career in Islamic Banking."

Sarfraz Ahmed
Head Islamic Credit Risk, Bank Alfalah Limited – Islamic Banking Group, Pakistan

"Ethica Institute is an exceptional platform to spread knowledge of Islamic finance to practicing finance professionals. The knowledge obtained through the courses will enable working professionals to transition from conventional to Islamic finance. Such efforts add more value to business transactions. The sincerity of Ethica’s intention to share this knowledge is commendable."

Wan Fara Ayu
Principal Consultant, Alpha One Ventures, Malaysia

"I took Ethica's training and certification program a few years back and found the course to be oustanding. To be able to learn at my pace - anytime, anywhere has proven to be the best training delivery mechanism for me. Even though it has been a while since I graduated with Ethica's CIFE™ I keep in touch with the management team on a regular basis for charitable projects that I engage in and I find them very approachable, credible and helpful."

Ahmed Ali Khan
Project Manager / BA Wealth Advisory, Barclays, UK

"Ethica is by far my favourite institute. The knowledge Ethica's CIFE gave me helped my understanding of the smallest of concepts pertaining to Islamic finance."

Anjum Kothivle
Law Student, Mumbai, India

"This is a timely and much needed development in the industry. Qualified human capital is the most critical need for the industry to maintain its growth trajectory across geographies. Such solutions will go a long way in providing systematic tools for practitioners."

Afaq Khan
CEO, Standard Chartered - Saadiq, Dubai

"I spent the last 10 years working in different areas of Risk Management but I always felt that modern finance is inherently risky or risky by design. So, I turned to Islamic finance to answer one major question: How can we design a financial system based on risk sharing and risk reduction. I found the answers in the Ethica's outstanding CIFE material. I recommend Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance to anyone seeking an understanding of an equitable approach to finance."

Ahmed Tanane
Vice President-Risk Management, Wells Fargo, USA

"Ethica's CIFE was the first course I have taken completely online and I loved it!"

Marwa El Messidi
Economic Development Professional, Richmond, USA

"The training videos are very helpful to understand both basic and critical concepts of Islamic banking in a simple manner. I will surely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in gaining knowledge or to build a career in Islamic finance."

SSHV Prasada
Business Analysis and Solution Architecture, First Gulf Bank, UAE

"I already had advanced Islamic banking knowledge but I was looking for a certification that would add a global perspective to my existing knowledge and Ethica's CIFE has done just that. I am confident that after gaining the Certified Islamic Finance Executive (CIFE), my career will take a global route. The course is equally beneficial for both laymen and advanced practitioners."

Rehan Nagi
Vice President/Cluster Head Branch Banking, Burj Bank LTD, Pakistan

"Ethica really delivers on its promise. Although I can in all honesty not judge on the instructor's knowledge or on Shariah authenticity of the course (because that would imply that I had greater knowledge than my instructor) I can wholeheartedly confirm that the course content is very structured, clear as crystal, and its presentation is of a high didactic quality. I would certainly recommend CIFE™ to anyone seeking a good understanding of Islamic finance."

Johan Serré
Chief Internal Auditor Insurance at KBC Bank, Belgium

"With Ethica we are able to impart the basic understanding of Islamic banking to our bankers in just 4 months with a certification examination to prove their learning. Ethica now makes my job easy: weekly reports, quiz and exam scores, and 24/7 tracking. All at my desk."

Sameera Khan
Learning and Development Consultant, Mashreq Bank, UAE

"My firm wanted me to get a certification in finance; I was interested in Islamic finance. I did some research on Islamic finance certifications and found Ethica’s 4 month CIFE. The first free lecture “Why Islamic Finance?” impressed me a great deal and explained well the differing concepts of Islamic and conventional finance. This is when I decided to go for this certificate. The CIFE course has been an excellent experience and has given me practical knowledge through examples and case studies. The best thing about the CIFE is that it is so well-structured and clear that all people with or without prior Islamic banking learning can benefit from it. I am very happy I chose Ethica’s CIFE. Now I plan to move from a career in auditing to a career in Islamic banking."

Mohammad Salman
Business Analyst, Kuwait

"Considering the rapid growth of Islamic finance, it was surprising to see a relative dearth of online resources - especially for training. Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance now fills that void. Their innovative and interactive training methods will contribute towards the development of Islamic finance and will ensure that people in positions of responsibility are suitably qualified and trained by recognized experts."

Haris Zuberi
Senior Associate, KPMG, KSA

"I handle large corporate relationships for the bank, which requires me to sell and manage Islamic banking products. The CIFE modules covered all the essential products, the mechanism and the philosophy behind each of these products in a concise and comprehensive manner. The modules are designed thoughtfully with real world examples that make every topic relatable, they covered all the concepts and variations of the products without being overwhelming. If I were to use an analogy the modules were “bite sized,” helping me digest the information very well. I strongly recommend this certification."

Neelabh Jha
Senior Relationship Manager Corporate, Wholesale Banking Group, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, UAE

"A good learning experience. The course was very interesting and easy to understand."

Fahad Mateen
Manager, Islamic Liabilities and Cards, RAK Bank

"What a nice learning experience. I have done many e-learning programs before, but Ethica's course has been clear, to-the-point and most importantly logical: it's building blocks fit together well. The narrative is good and the interactive bits within the videos make the study more engaging and make the material stick. Ethica's content is not expected to make you a Shariah scholar (i.e. the highest authority) but will give you a deep understanding of Islamic banking, confidence in the main products, and broad understanding of many principles. You will be able to discern whether a product is Shariah-compliant or not."

Tamas Molontay
Senior Country Officer, Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank, Hungary

"I found Ethica’s CIFE course to be very interesting, informative, relevant, and easy to access and understand. The international recognition carried by the course is also an excellent benefit. I consider it a must for anybody seeking to be a professional in Islamic finance."

Muzzammil Dhedhy
CEO, Hejaz Financial Services, Australia

"Whether you are looking for a formal qualification or an advanced introduction to Islamic finance, Ethica’s CIFE was a great experience for me as my circumstances required a flexible study mode where I could manage and run at my own pace. The depth of material combined with clear delivery and support kept me engaged throughout the course. The CIFE has definitely added to my scope of Islamic product knowledge and associated risks as a product specialist in the global markets field. I hope to apply some of these principles during my product development workshops."

Aydin Doruk
Product Specialist – Global Markets, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited, New Zealand

"I was part of the product development team handling Finacle’s Islamic banking solutions for the last 3 years. As part of the implementation team in the Middle East, I felt that a certification from a reputed institute will help in winning the client’s confidence when we propose Islamic banking solutions. Hence I chose the CIFE from Ethica. My experience with Ethica has been enriching as the course helped me in enhancing my Islamic banking skills."

P Gopinath
Consultant, Infosys, India

"I decided to enroll in Ethica’s CIFE program due to its balanced curriculum, well-structured high quality modules and of course its international reputation. Ethica’s CIFE program allowed me to obtain a deeper understanding of Islamic finance products and how they are utilized at financial institutions"

Mohammad Bashar
Segmentation Head, Alinma Bank, Saudi Arabia

"I decided to take up the Islamic finance course with Ethica after researching many other online offerings and I am glad I made the decision. As a busy professional, the course was systematic and very easy to follow. I had earlier trepidations about not being able to fully decipher the Arabic terms but through the course's constant repetition, I can easily now tell the difference if someone fully understands Islamic finance or if he is just trying to "wing it." I look forward to the quizzes and tests at the end of each main topic as it gives me a gauge of my comprehension. These quizzes can also be retaken and reviewed at your own pace. Overall, I had the most positive experience as I was also able to engage in a conversation with the Ethica team members. Yes, there are real people behind the online course! If you are thinking of catching the next big wave in Islamic finance, Ethica Institute is certainly the place for you to start."

Anisa Hassan
Executive Director, Stellar Consulting Group, Singapore

"The CIFE explains Islamic banking in an easily understandable and at the same time very comprehensive manner. At the end of the course I feel God has blessed me with this essential knowledge to help me move forward in the world and help address the challenges it has succumbed to as a result of socio-economic disparities. Definitely, Ethica has done a great job."

BSM Sirajudeen
Forex Operations Head, Axis Bank Limited, India

"Ethica Institute provides one of the best on-line education where students can study at their convenience without any barriers. The replay option makes the study so easy while important points are jotted. With the experience gained from the CIFE program, I am more confident to study further and become an expert in the field of Islamic banking and finance."

Kazeem Ige
Zonal Head, Non-Interest Banking, Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc, Nigeria

"I got an understanding of Islamic banking and its products thanks to the CIFE program, which I needed to help develop the Islamic banking sector in Turkey."

Ibrahim Gultekin
Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, Turkey

"Rapid e-learning is the wave of the future. Ethica's e-learning brings engaging content and appealing design."

Yuvakumar Ramchander
Head, Mashreq Learning Systems, Mashreq Bank, UAE

"This is an excellent initiative that promises to finally bring Islamic finance to the masses! The modules make Islamic finance interesting, informative and most of all provide for a cost-effective, easily accessible, and highly efficient training across large-scale institutions and individuals. No more is Islamic finance relegated to costly conferences in plush hotels or to be delivered by trainers whose daily charges prohibit the everyday person from benefiting. Islamic finance was and is an industry driven by the vision of the everyday man who wants an alternative to the injustices of modern finance. Just as we had begun to fear that the caravan of Islamic Finance had begun to go astray, Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance appears and promises to realign its direction with its ideals."

Yusuf Jha
Ex-Sharia Controller, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, UAE

"The CIFE program far exceeded my expectations. You can learn at your pace. The self-assessment quizzes at the end of each module are very helpful to assess the knowledge gained. What I find impressive about Ethica's CIFE is that it incorporates both theory and practical examples. I highly recommend Ethica to anyone who wants to secure a career in Islamic banking and finance."

Abdul Nabi Hussain
Assistant Manager, First Investment Bank, Qatar

"Once I complete this certification, Ethica has an extensive network of finance and business people in the region and internationally that I can connect to in regard to securing that new job..."

John Wilson Wiles
Consultant, USA

"At times you'd be forgiven for thinking you were listening to a live teacher. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in building a strong foundation in Islamic Finance. The only thing I regret about the course is that it ended!"

Masen Abou-Zolof
Financial Controller, Westpac Institutional Bank, Sydney, Australia

"The CIFE is a highly recommended certification for those interested in Islamic finance. The program covers a wide range of topics and provides the knowledge required to work in Islamic finance industry. Becoming a CIFE member offers unique learning and networking opportunities. I highly recommend this program."

Bachir Farah
Chief Internal Control, Djibouti Ports, Djibouti

"Ethica's approach or 'solution' is unique, simple, rooted in morality and deserves to be called 'pioneering' from an educator's perspective. After extensive research, I discovered that the only other accredited Islamic Finance program that was offered 'almost' completely online and did not require relocation was the XYZ program from XYZ Institute. However other credible institutions and even XYZ's program still posed the following hurdles that Ethica clearly overcame to become my obvious choice:

  1. The XYZ certificate could NOT be completed without an internship at an Islamic finance institution (of which there are hardly any in where I live). There is no substitute for actual experience, but in my humble opinion, Ethica's practical teaching approach is probably the closest thing to working at an Islamic finance institution.
  2. My email communications with staff left me wondering about the effectiveness of their platform which seemed to be a traditional online platform with minimal support from faculty members. Basically it would be a bunch of downloaded books and notes and me..no other support seemed evident. And the email response from the XYZ program's Dean came 2 weeks after my initial inquiry. In comparison, Ethica's "Why Islamic Finance" video literally blew me away and wiped out all my doubts about the quality of education. As for communications, Ethica has quite literally exceeded my expectations at every single occasion with lightning fast, informative and courteous responses. Makes me wonder sometimes if 2 or 3 different people are working round the clock (24/7) to create and maintain this awesome quality and service :)
  3. I communicated with a number of XYZ and CIFE™ students online via LinkedIn and discovered that while all CIFE™ graduates praised the Ethica program highly and considered it an excellent investment for their careers, XYZ graduates on the other hand kept sending me precautionary warnings about not being too optimistic because XYZ hadn't opened too many doors for them..at least not quickly enough. Other than the feedback from LinkedIn, I believe this particular concern of mine was further alleviated with the knowledge of Ethica's Recruiter Database available to all CIFE™ graduates."

Ahsan Shah
Budgets & Accountability Analyst, Aramco Services Company, Texas, USA

"I researched various Islamic finance qualifications which could be done online and found Ethica's CIFE to be the most appropriate for a busy professional like me, hence enrolled for both the CIFE and ACIFE certification."

Mohamed Ebrahim
Certified Public Accountant, Ace Financial Advisory Limited, Kenya

"I really enjoyed studying with Ethica; the CIFE program was prepared and organized efficiently. The course content covered all the topics in Islamic finance and was related to my current job at the bank."

Mohamed Shehata
Head Centralized Corporate Credit Division, Al Baraka Bank, Egypt

"The CIFE™ Program far exceeded my expectations. Very clear explanations from our enthusiastic lecturer coupled with very apt anecdotes from the participants supported the program a great deal. I really appreciated our lecturer's willingness to answer our never-ending questions with patience. The participation banks in Turkey are still in a developing stage. Most of the structures that we have learned are yet to be used. So, being a participation banker in Turkey will share the basics of the products and structure with my colleagues and try to play a role in their implementation. Thank you very much to the organizers."

Burcu Calikli
Country Risk Manager, Turkish Finance Participation Bank, Turkey

"I am a Chartered Certified Accountant and associated with KPMG for the last 7 years. I wanted to pursue my career in Islamic finance so was looking for a certification which could give me in-depth knowledge of Islamic finance and at the same time the flexibility of attending classes. Ethica’s 100% online CIFE program provided me the knowledge of how Islamic banking is different from conventional, with the convenience of studying through video lectures anywhere, anytime I wished."

Amna Ashraf
Senior Associate, KPMG Lower Gulf Limited, Dubai, UAE

"A few years back the Central Bank of Nigeria introduced Islamic banking. The CIFE provides a solid core of general banking and finance principles as per Islamic law. I cannot emphasize enough the benefits of studying Islamic finance at Ethica. It has provided me with advanced level skills and knowledge which will enable me to contribute to the needs of this growing finance sector."

Khadijah Durodola
Banker, Fidelity Bank Plc, Nigeria

"I found the modules very organized for a new banker like myself and feel confident that it will prove to be a very useful learning tool even for more advanced bankers."

Hanan Izhiman
Certification Manager, NBAD Academy, National Bank Of Abu Dhabi, UAE

"Today in Kenya we have two banks that are fully Shariah-compliant and others who have opened up Islamic banking windows. As I wanted to explore opportunities within the Islamic banking, I decided to pursue an Islamic finance qualification. I must say, Ethica’s course work and videos are excellent and well structured. They give learners real-world, practical knowledge of Islamic finance and banking."

Naushad Abdul Haleem
Senior Manager, Imperial Bank Limited, Kenya

"I have certifications in Islamic finance from 2 different institutes...Ethica and somewhere else. Although both courses imparted useful knowledge, it was Ethica's CIFE™ that clarified my understanding of the concepts. The unique way of learning through well structured modules, easy-to-grasp demonstrations and well-placed real-world examples, almost perfectly simulated a professional class and made learning very engaging and effective. The layout of this course further enhanced my learning and cleared certain confusing concepts that I encountered during self study in my previous certification. Overall, Ethica is a great combination of a unique teaching style, timely knowledge and genuine personnel. The people at Ethica were always there to help, right from the time of joining, throughout my certification and even after completion by way of 1-on-1 career counseling. I enthusiastically recommend this institute to anyone interested in initiating their career in Islamic finance."

Faiza C
Tax Professional, USA

"First of all, thank you for providing a fabulous online training program in Islamic finance. I started with absolutely no idea about Islamic finance but by the time I appeared for the CIFE™ exam, I was already contemplating Shariah-compliant alternatives to the interest-based products being used in my bank. This for me was a great feeling. Of course, there is still long way to go but Ethica has given me a solid foundation to build on. Thank you."

Shahriar Masum
Assistant Vice President, MTB International Trade Services, Mutual Trust Bank, Bangladesh

"The case studies, quizzes, diagrams, and overall design really keep me engaged. And because training videos come in 20 minute chunks, I can fit training into my schedule any time I want."

Mashreq Banker, UAE

"The Ethica CIFE™ program is excellent. I am very tempted to undergo this training program but the problem is that I have already enrolled with the ____________ Institute. I wish I had know about it before hand. Is there anything I can do to jump ship. To be honest, the ______________ Institute is really _____. It is actually a diploma in Islamic finance where the tutor does not even respond to your questions and the quality is so low. I went through the Ethica videos and found them very informative. Is there any way to gain access to the training material for certification? I am willing to pay a fee for that. I shall spread the word for Ethica here."

Babar Jamil
Business Development Manager, Muslim Community Cooperative Australia

"It was during my search for interest free alternatives that I stumbled upon Ethica Institute. The team at Ethica has been most helpful in answering questions and linking me to relevant resources. It was actually my mother who encouraged me to do the course. She dismissed all my concerns – and simply said, “if nothing else you will understand a little more.” I have found the course very interesting. The topics are explained in a clear and concise sequence, moving from the simple to the more complex. I had felt sure that I would be plaguing the team with questions but there was no need as it was self-explanatory. Interestingly, I began my own business alongside my study of the modules and could relate more to the concepts being explained. I have only praise for the professional and high standard of the course content and its delivery and will highly recommend it to others. I think we all owe it to ourselves to know about alternatives to conventional banking since the matter is of utmost importance."

Amina Syed
Self-employed, Australia

"I recently took the CIFE™ and am considering enrolling for the Advanced CIFE™. I feel glad to have chosen Ethica because the courses are very well structured that you don't need assistance. The response to my major questions during the learning process seem to have already been anticipated at the design phase itself. You can learn at your pace with the full content online. The quizzes at the end of each module are very helpful to implant the main knowledge. The "Case Studies" and the "At the bank" sections make the Ethica's CIFE™ exceptional for practicing real cases of Islamic finance operations. I highly recommend this training for those interested in learning islamic finance."

Mohamed Zied Dorbez
Chief Financial Officer, Permaflex, Tunisia

"It was a great choice when I decided to learn more about Islamic Finance. Ethica has given me the opportunity to develop myself and my profession in such an important field. I would recommend Ethica to all candidates and finance professionals interested in learning Islamic Finance in a very easy, simple and direct way...Thanks Ethica!"

Basel Omar Abu-Ali
Financial Controller, Emirates International Investment Company, UAE

"The videos blew me away because the content was great...after passing the CIFE™ exam I had the privilege of having 1-on-1 career counseling...this counseling was very helpful..."

Adefisayo Adeniyi
Banker, London, UK

"...I did an extensive search on the Internet visiting websites of various institutions from Malaysia, United Kingdom, India as well as the Middle East. I also visited the websites of various professional bodies and universities and found them to be no different than the one I had just quit. Finally, I stumbled upon Ethica..."

Aziz Jadwet
Manager, Advanced Firefighting Technology, Mumbai, India

"What I find impressive about Ethica's CIFE™ is that its training videos clarify complicated concepts easily and they incorporate both theoretical and practical aspects, an obvious plus point unlike the modules I learnt in my diploma in Islamic finance in the past from another school. I recommend Ethica's CIFE™ program to anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of Islamic banking and finance; and even for Islamic bankers who want a refresher course."

Fazrihan Duriat
Shari'ah Compliance Executive, Maybank, Singapore

"The best thing about Ethica Institute is that it makes AAOIFI standards accessible to everyone who is eager to learn. Their ever-evolving web-based training material and rigorous certification process has the potential to promote AAOIFI's standards throughout the world by simply training and certifying multitudes of Islamic finance professionals from the comforts of their homes and offices."

Liaquat Ali
Founder TrulyInterestFree.com

"Finally, AAOIFI based industry training at my desk!"

Mashreq Banker, UAE

"The CIFE™ is one of the most valuable courses that I have taken until now. The course was a very interesting, well organized and structured learning program and combined a professional teaching style with practical methods. With the help of this course, I have enhanced my knowledge of the principles and fundamentals of Islamic finance. I have really enjoyed the course and I will highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to enter a career in Islamic finance."

Suzan Dervari
Licensing and Regulation Department Director, Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo

"I have completed CIFE™ course with Ethica and found their training material excellent source not only for their examination but also for understanding the fundamentals of Islamic Finance. In fact, I have now enrolled for their Advanced CIFE™ in Islamic Accounting course and looking forward to upgrading my knowledge further. I have no hestitation in recommending their course for any serious student of Islamic Finance and Accounting."

Akbar Mohamed Casim Shaikh
Director, Revenue Assurance & Compliance, Qatar

"The knowledge gained through Ethica's CIFE™ & ACIFE™ has helped me immensely not only in my professional career but even in completing other courses in Islamic Finance. I strongly recommend the CIFE™ & ACIFE™ qualifications specially to those who are new to the field with no prior knowledge since the qualifications are uniquely designed for easy understanding and practical application that has been rigorously tested and accredited. It is safe to say that being a CIFE™ & ACIFE™ means that you know Islamic finance inside out and ready to take on the reality of this unique industry."

Shamraz Kitchilan
Executive, Amana Bank Limited, Sri Lanka

"I am currently operating an Islamic fund firm and have completed the Ethica’s CIFE allowing me to incorporate my learning into our organization. I found the course very useful and encourage my colleagues to complete it to obtain practical Islamic finance knowledge."

Hakan Ozyon
Chief Executive Officer, Hejaz Financial Services, Australia

"The CIFE™ is very simple and straight forward to understand and once you start you don't want it to end as you tend to get hooked to it. I strongly recommend it to any one who wants to have a simplified knowledge in Islamic Finance."

Abdul Aziz Jega
Business Manager, United Bank for Africa, Nigeria

"Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance fills a gap by providing a platform for cost-effective training and development, reliable certification, and a forum for those interested in Islamic finance to interact."

Mehdi A. Zaidi
Chief Program Officer, Noor Islamic Bank, Dubai

"I certify that Ethica's training is fully Shariah compliant. And I consider the CIFE™ to be the strongest Islamic finance certification available online that I have seen."

Tariq Bujasaim
Ex-Senior Shariah Auditor, Dubai Bank

"I have reviewed these online sessions and I am very impressed with what I see. They provide a solid foundation that is fundamental to fully understanding Islamic finance."

Professor Walid Hejazi
Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

"This course is primarily aimed at providing high quality training to cater for the growing need of the industry. It provides academic and industry knowledge of the products within the Islamic finance and banking industry in
Australia and overseas. It is thus highly appropriate that La Trobe University is leading the way in the development of programs such as the one we are launching today."

Professor Paul Johnson
Vice-Chancellor, La Trobe University, Australia

"I am really impressed with the way you teach and train your students. I have been studying and teaching Islamic finance for over 10 years but your techniques are brilliant. I suggested to my MBA and BBA students to get registered for the seven day free course and they are happy. Hopefully a few of them will get registered for the whole CIFE program."

Khalid Hussain
MBA Professor, Bahria University, Pakistan

"I have completed the CIFE™ and am currently studying for the Advanced CIFE™ in Islamic Accounting. The course is fully online, including the final exam. The curriculum is highly practical and broken down in small modules to enable the students to better retain what they learn. They also contain many quizzes to test students' knowledge and enable them to review the points they may have missed. Drawings make them very clear. I have read other books on Islamic Finance but they never include practical examples on how Islamic Institutions include Shariah compliant finance products, unlike Ethica. From what I could compare with other sources, the content follows the main Shariah consensus in Islamic Finance. I highly recommend this course for anybody interested in Islamic Finance - it gives down to earth explanations on how it works nowadays."

Sophie Paine
Managing Director, A+B=3

"The course material is very relevant to those who are interested in understanding Islamic finance products and the differences between Islamic and conventional finance. The course material is well-structured and properly balanced in the sense of theoretical and practical aspects of learning. Many thanks for your time and efforts once again!"

Talant Kaliyeva
Director, Al Farabi Institute, Kazakhstan

"Ethica's CIFE program was an amazing experience. As a student of conventional finance, the knowledge gained from Ethica's modules has given me a totally new perspective on finance. Moving forward, it will be easy for me to understand the differences between and the issues that relate to both conventional and Islamic finance."

Omar Abbasi
Student, France

"Studying the CIFE at Ethica has been a great experience for me. It was my first 100% online course. I loved how learning was made convenient and flexible while still maintaining high standards in content. The main reason for taking this course was that Islamic finance is a new and upcoming industry in Kenya and as a finance graduate Ethica’s qualification offered an opportunity to help me prepare for and find my first job."

Gabriel Gichuhi
Graduate, Kenya

"I work at a university in Russia. I have been studying Islamic finance for some time and how it can be applied in Russia. When I learned about the opportunity to enhance my knowledge with Ethica’s program, I immediately decided to enroll. Today I can confidently say that it really helped me in my study of Islamic finance."

Shamil Shovkhalov
Senior Lecturer of Accounting, Analysis and Audit, Siberian Federal University, Russia

"I have received my MBA in Frankfurt, Germany. There are no opportunities to learn Islamic finance in Germany; the closest possibility is to go the UK. I did some research and found out about Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance and their CIFE program. Being a student I just had to pay half the course fee, which was amazing! The course videos and study notes are really interesting. I enjoyed the course very much and would do it all over again any day!"

Ebru Aslan
MBA Student, Germany

"I had no knowledge of Islamic finance but after a lot of research and advice from friends I found out about Ethica’s CIFE. It gives me immense pleasure to be a CIFE graduate – because of it I have recently been accepted into an MBA program in Islamic finance marking my next step towards pursuing my career in the field."

Salman Hassan
Operations Executive, African Horn Company, Oman

"For the first time ever, we now tap into the tremendous demand for Islamic finance from students all over the world."

Ishaq Bhatti
Associate Professor, La Trobe University, Australia

"I am a teacher at university. I try to use examples from Islamic economics and finance in my scientific and teaching work. I have always wanted to use my professional skills to understand Islamic economic principles and perhaps do something in this field of activity in the future. Ethica’s CIFE program inspired me and gave me the self-confidence I needed. The course is clearly structured. The easy-to-understand lessons make Islamic finance accessible to all who are interested in the subject, irrespective of whether student of professor. I await still more interesting webinars, courses and programs from Ethica in the future."

Rezeda Gabbasova
University Teacher, Kazan State Agrarian University, Russia

"Ethica's online content was very rich and practical, which engaged students and enhanced the University learning experience. Most of the students were from a finance and banking background and their research projects indicate that they grasped the fundamental concepts very well. I would highly recommend anyone pursuing a career in Islamic banking and finance to invest in their knowledge because it is the only way to get ahead and gain competitive advantage. Ethica is a great business partner, prompt and professional at all times."

Almir Colan
Program Coordinator, La Trobe University, Australia

"The material on the Ethica Institute web site is terrific. Going through their online sessions will provide a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Islamic Finance."

Mohammad Fadel
Assistant Professor of Law, University of Toronto Faculty of Law

"My favorite part of the day is learning Islamic finance online with Ethica Institute."

Mashreq Banker, UAE


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