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At Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance we believe that many of the world's problems could be solved by providing alternatives to interest-based banking. If governments, companies, and individuals could focus on something other than repaying mounting debts, the world would be a much better place. We also believe that the industry urgently needs to 1) comprehensively train the many people now entering Islamic finance in AAOIFI standards, the de facto standard in over 90% of the world's jurisdictions; 2) create Shariah-based solutions for a broader set of clients, including the poor, not just Sharia-compliant solutions for institutions and the wealthy; and 3) address the very real problem of social and environmental degradation at the hands of fractional debt reserve banking.

Crash courses are not enough. What is needed is ongoing, standards-based training for everyone. From single individuals to entire banks. Anytime, anywhere. Ethica is the world's first dedicated Islamic finance portal offering training videos, certification, career counseling, recruiting assistance, live webinars, and the world's largest library of scholar-approved answers available online.

Unlike traditional institutes typically run by academics and administrators, Ethica finds its roots in the cut-and-thrust of banking execution. This real-world experience translates directly into the effectiveness of Ethica's practical content. Launched by a team of bankers and scholars who, to this day, conduct advisory and training assignments in the industry, content development for Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance began in 2002.

Winner of "Best Islamic Finance Qualification" at the Global Islamic Finance Awards, Ethica is trusted by more professionals for Islamic finance certification. Training and certifying professionals in over 160 financial institutions in 64 countries, Ethica's 4-month Certified Islamic Finance Executive™ (CIFE™) is a globally recognized certificate accredited by scholars to fully comply with AAOIFI, the world's leading Islamic finance standard. Ethica's award-winning CIFE™ is delivered 100% online or live at the bank.

Ethica is the most trusted Islamic finance program: training and certifying professionals from over 160 financial institutions in 64 countries

Ethica is the most trusted name in Islamic finance certification, successfully rolling out bank-wide Islamic finance e-learning. We have done so across large banks (e.g. Mashreqbank's bank-wide e-learning and certification), large academics (e.g. La Trobe University's accredited semester course in Australia), and global corporates.

Ethica offers leading market recognition

Ethica has won the following prestigious awards:

Ethica guarantees standardization: 100% AAOIFI-compliant and scholar-accredited

Ethica offers the highest form of accreditation possible in Islamic finance: fatwas from leading scholars stating that we comply with AAOIFI, the most widely accepted standard in Islamic finance. Leading scholars, and a team of practitioners certify Ethica certificates for 100% AAOIFI-compliance - not 80% or 90%, which leads to confusion.

Ethica offers an extensive selection of advanced training

Ethica offers a huge inventory of face-to-face and e-learning programs. This strength reflects our ability to leverage from an entire team of experts who handle everything from the most fundamental training all the way up to the most advanced. We have delivered 2 day sales training for CROs all the way up to rigorous 5 day intensives at the bank. Ethica's trainers are among the best in the industry and our team is made up of specialists only: scholars, legal experts, Islamic bankers and practitioners with over 15+ years of experience. They work on product innovation for a living and continue to advise central banks, governments and regulatory bodies. Here is a partial list of some of the programs delivered by Ethica in the past:

Ethica offers truly blended learning: 100% online e-learning and 360° assessment

Crash courses don't work. And guidebooks don't get read. After your learners leave the classroom they need to apply what they learn in an interactive and self-paced environment. Know what your learners are doing and how their learning is progressing. Ethica offers e-learning combined with our industry-proven assessment dashboard, empowering learning managers with 360° visibility on learner progress.


Each question is reviewed by an Islamic finance expert and approved by a scholar.

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